Tuesday, 12 February 2013

Grandparent life

It is not until you become  a grandparent that you realize that life has gone full circle. The responsiblity that one plays as a grandparent is a hug life changing experience. I never thought about it until my daughter told us she was having a baby and she was going to raise it all by herself that my life was about to change.

There are so many things a grandparents has to remember. 
How to make formula.
You must have wipes at all times in your house.
Keep extra soothers at your house there is never one when you need it.
Once he is a sleep do not wake him.
Sleep overs never go like you thought.

Somehow I thought I just through out all the baby things and now I am standing in Zellers in the infant deptment area and looking likje I have necver done this before. I was asking myself what do I need.  Bottles, a recline chair with hanging things, receiving blankets, cream, wipes, formula,
I tell you people look at you funny like "is she for real "  I always speak first first" time grandmother." I don't get it they always giggle when I say that.
It did not hit me until you so nicely volunteer to have the child at 5 months old for  4days while mom goes away on a holiday. I must have been super human back then.