Sunday, 20 November 2011

The list goes on.......

It seems to me that I am loaded with sheets of paper with writing all over them. Ok, what's the list?

Have you noticed that as you get older the amount of lists you are hit with. Well, lets take a look at them.

There was always the grocery list, that one we have down, but of course I have never made a list to buy food.  I love to go and shop.  It has always been my favorite thing to do buy food for my family. The thought  of wondering up and down the isles and picking up all the comfort food for the week. No, I never had a list I just went once a week and did it.

Until menopause....

I now have to write it down, plan the meals, check the freezer, ask my kids what they need and make a list. I have to check my wallet to make sure I have  all the cards for the store you know the special discount card or point cards, make sure you have the shopping bags, and a quarter for the buggy. That alone drives me crazy.  The stress alone causes a hot flash. My mother never had to do any of this stuff. Then you have to remember the food.... Ha so that is why you make a list.
Even when I have the list I seem to forget to read all the stuff I have on it.  You know it is not organized like the store isles so I do forget something.  Then I will have to go back again another day to get milk and something I forgot. When I was younger my mother use to go to the store almost everyday I thought she was nuts.
While we are on the topic of food and shopping did you know Zehrs give you 15% off on Wednesday if you are a senior.  You only have to be 55 years old.  It is like a club you go every Wednesday and meet with  all the other silver tops.

Then Dr. Oz gave out a list the top 10 things you need to do to live a long life. Well, this one you will just love posted on the fridge.
1. Sit less and move more. Right most days Icrave to sit down and put my feet up.
2. Get ride of simple sugars. They do not want you to go to Tims anymore.
3. Breath and stretch everyday. I am just happy if I get my head on straight everyday.
4. Have sex. Thanks Dr. Oz. my husband will love you for this one.
5. Get 7 hours of sleep a day.  I don't think he means all at once.
6. Have  a bone density test done, and take Vitamin d and calcium everyday.
7.Take half a multi vitamin in the morning and the other half in the evening before bed rest. I will be happy I remember to take it once a day.
8.When making your dinner make half the meal vegetables. Thats a good way to save for  retirement.
9. Check your poop everyday. I am just glad I still can do it everyday.
10. Eat a hard boiled egg everyday.
So thats the list to live a longer healthier life.

Then theres the daily list for the week....

*Call your parents to check on them. If you don't they will call you 4 times in the next hour.
*Return phone calls on the answering machine. Don't people know my email address.
*Pick up dry cleaning, because no one else in the house knows where it is.
*Walk the dog and clean up his poop. Poor thing is forgotten about.
*Run errands for your husband and kids. This will take half your day. That you will need a list for too.
*Lunch with a friend. Better be at Tims, you have too much to do to sit and enjoy yourself .
*Go to the doctors, dentist or your shrink. We know how long a doctors appt. can take and the dentist will be done with soon , dentures save time here, just put them in a glass. The shrink is the only appt, you want to go to.  Their the only person who will take the time to sit and listen to you, that is if you do not fall asleep . To me that is the only time I get to put my feet up and have a rest in the chair.

Then come the Christmas, birthday , and the lists go on...Please give me a break  enough with all the lists everyone keeps giving me....Do they think when one gets to fifty they can't remember things?

So now I know why older people use to always say" they were losing their minds".  It really had nothing to do with Alzheimer's. They could not remember all the things they had to do. There was no Dr. Oz to direct them or the Blackberry to carry all the lists to do while they are out and about.  Just to leave your home today you have to pack a bag, make a list , take your blackberry and remember your american express card. Or did they just go crazy with which list they had to read to keep their life organized.

Now this is where being blonde really helps as one ages.  You can forget what you are doing and blame it on being blonde all your life....

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