Friday, 21 October 2011

Getting dressed for fifty.....

Getting ready for the last fifty years of your life has its ups and downs.

When I was in my twenties no one told me I needed to use moisturizers, creams or exercise and eat healthy.  Life was a ball.  I was away at school eating cafeteria food, drinking with friends, staying out late at the bars, smoking whatever got passed around and life was great. I am not even sure my make-up was washed off every night, never mind scrubs, cleansers and moisturizers who thought about that back then. We wore high heels that killed our feet, jeans you could not bend over in, and teased our hair with  half a can of hair spray.  We thought that was living. Life was grand it could not get any better.
Oh ya,  don't forget about the freedom of sex... everyone was doing it. What more could you ask for,  then a cigarette from a friend, no one ever told us we would die of cancer or aids.

What about the toxins we drank, smoked and breathed during those days.  Yes, every house hold had bleach,  comet, body powders anything to make us feel we were clean . At least we looked and  smelled clean.  Those were the days our moms stayed home to make sure the family was running well.  It was our mothers who taught us to be the perfect Mrs. Clever and that we would grow up and the world was going to be a better place, because we did as we were told. We wanted to be, just like mom.

So, here we are today in a world where we find out  that all those chemicals we lived with are  hurting us and our environment. Our bodies, our minds and the environment has paid the price,  just look around  today, we have changed not only in our physical frame but in the way we live. You can not smoke at the local donut shops, everyone buys coffee before they leave for work, we plug in our cars, we spend millions on skin care products , and  very few women stay home to raise their children.

The big problem was, that by the time we reached forty, scientists  started to discover all these problems and are now trying to clean up this environmental mess that we have created.  The real killer is, that now  we need glasses so that we can  read what the heck we are using to make life better. Our brains, eyes and body are starting to slow down, so that we can prepare for the fifties. It is such a pain, now is the time you need your eyes, your brain and your physical ability to function and darn it all they start to go.  We  need to be able to read all those labels and think smart so that we do not mess up the next fifty years. Ok,  so now we decorate our homes with reading glasses in everyroom,  , and  spend more time in the bathroom,  we are still working like mad dogs, exfoliating, cleansing and moisturizing ourselves,  we buy organic food and clothing, then run around the block everynight.  Now we have to work even harder at what we are doing and change how we are living so that we can enjoy the next fifty years. Getting older is a lot of work... and all we really want to do is get dressed and have fun.

Do you remember the past like this?  Are you in the same boat as me just trying to stay healthy and have a little fun?  Share your thoughts.......

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  1. Yup, trying to stay healthy too, but in moderation. It definitely is a lot of work.

    BTW, I love your comment about decorating our homes with reading glasses in every room! So true.