Wednesday, 19 October 2011

Thinking Fifty

Turning fifty...I never really thought about it as in writing it down on paper, but it was always on my mind.

I used to wonder what the old people did when they turned fifty. I remember my aunt used to wear her blouses outside her pants, nothing was ever tucked in and her hair was always in rollers. Not to mention older people used to smoke a lot back in those days. The radio was always on in her house  and she was either ironing blouses or cooking on the stove.  She didn't have a big career, college was a dream back in her days.  I don't think anybody really went to college back then.  They lived during the second world war,  the depression and they had the milk man.  So, looking up to an aunt when I was a young girl was nothing special, thats just what life was like back then ...simple.

They never talked about menopause, I am not even sure they had that back then.  PMS, cancer, hot flashes, mood changes, and didn't most women die before they turned fifty.  Well, at least that is what it looked like to me when I was a young girl. I was just learning about my biological changes and discovering who I was, and looking for a role model.

Perhaps, thats is why so many of us have feared turning fifty and are trying to put our act together.  We have grown up in such a different world than our great aunts.  We had colour televisions, and now DVDs, dishwashers,blowdryers. We have gone from eight tracks to CDs , the Beatles to Lady Gaga.  We used to read Seventeen magazine, Cosmo and now the big O.  Back then, whatever we wanted to know about life, boys, dating,sex, etc. We called our friends and shared Cosmo. Oprah was not around to give you Lifeclasses.

They keep telling us that these are going to be the best years of our life.  Ok, then let's share these years together and learn, grow, share, laugh and cry together.  Now is the time to get going and make new friends. We women have been harvesting our goods for years, so come on board and plant your seeds.

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